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SMS Language In C

In this tutorial, we will learn how to convert plain English text message into SMS Language In C Programming language.

What is SMS Language?

SMS Language is also known as slang used in mobile phones that are trendy these days.

The above table showcases some of the common abbreviations that are used.


why is today a holiday for you?

Sample Output:

y is 2day a holiday for u?

Now let’s have a look on C program to convert the above plain text into slang word(SMS Language).


void replacefunction(char *s1)//function to replace the text into slang
    char r[4][10]={"yes","you","today","why"};
    char rep[4][5]={"s","u","2day","y"};
    char buff[500];
    int i;
    char *ch;
            return replace(s1);
int main()
    char s1[100];
    replacefunction(s1);//calling function
    printf("\n%s",s1); //printing the SMS Language oriented text
    return 0;

The above C program was just a sample code of some of the abbreviation conversion, You can try your hands by adding more abbreviation and have fun with the code.

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